Up-and-coming concert pianist turned film and video game composer, Alec Sievern builds upon his impressive resume of performances across the country, including a solo performance at Carnegie Hall, to focus more recently on classically influenced scores for films (As of Now) and video games (Little Hawk, Spookhouse), while experimenting in the periphery with blending classical influence into modern musical techniques. 


Currently studying at the University of Notre Dame, whenever not in class studying to complete his major in mathematics, Sievern is in the studio writing and recording. Influenced equally by classical composers such as Bach and Debussy and modern composers such as John Williams, Thomas Newman, Jeremy Soule, and Jóhann Jóhannsson, Sievern’s orchestrations blend centuries of influence to create a unique and beautiful musical pallet.


You can find Alec’s music in the music tab above or in the Soundcloud link below.